Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Poems from my youth

I'm the freckled chick on the curb
Twirling my hair out of boredom
I'm the silouette on the bar stool
Hair piled High
I'm the girl with a little cleavage
Sitting in the front row
I'm the one beside you
Screaming in your pillow
I'm the neurotic w/a tattooed toe
I'm the sleeper with a vision

I'm the writer by candel light
Wearing a big hat now
I'm the one behind the cigarette
Waiting for more
I'm the stooge in braids
Mopping the tile/floor
I'm the beauty
Picking lilacs through the window
I'm the artist
I collect lipsticks

I am your wife at the door
The one you've been waiting for
I am the love child
My hair's tangled
I'm a dancer w/daiseys 
I wear my legs tight
I'm your daughter w/the T.V. Guide
Watching Mary Tyler Moore
I'm your friend in my Betsey Johnson
Upstaging my outfit
I'm the vegetarian talking about chicken scabs
In the kitchen doing your dishes
I'm tending the garden
Watering your cactus
I'm your girlfriend w/no underwear
I dated the D.J.'s and the dandies
I'm an experienced teenager
I just want to feel loved
I'm the volunteer on the carpet
My picture's being taken
I'm the passenger w/the water
I haven't been drinking
I am my own addiction

I am an annonymous member in a corner
I am cut and hurt
I hide behind a proscenium and under wigs


Begging in a cloud
Allow me the freedom to dance
Release the Rain

Swallowing the sparkles
Burst into a beauty shine
Radiate the Flame

Raising the birth
Future to foliate
Regenerate the Earth

Completion of a fantasy
Blast of a kissing angel
Embrace the Whirlwind 
© 1990

Spider Genie, wigger web
Beliefs kean, bigger bed
Orange blue-eyed, yellow red
Can't believe your coward's dead
Wait to witness the wild leaves wed
Undernieth the coward's head
Willows sprout for the wedding's end
© 1989

That's what Art talks about

Art reads, seeds, drowns
and cries
It sweats, smells,
smokes & changes
It breaks,
And becomes more aware
It inks and winks
And with it
I can ignore the moment
Or fully embrace it
© 6/91

-Kristina Pamias

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